Nursing Services

While the principles and values are the same, nursing has been transformed by continual advances in training, research, and technology.


At the centre of all Nurse Maude's Community Nursing Services is keeping people out of hospital and residential care wherever possible so they can live in their own homes and communities.

To achieve this Nurse Maude provides a diverse and specialised range of customer-centered nursing services backed by a significant investment in training, technology and support services to meet the needs of its patients and clients.

Just let your doctor know that Nurse Maude is your preferred provider for all nursing and homecare services.  These are free to eligible New Zealand residents and prearranged support is available for those who don’t meet residency requirements. 

Community Health Services:

District Nursing

While the principles and values are the same, nursing has been transformed by continual advances in training, research, and technology.

Nurse Maude's District Nursing Services keep people out of hospital and residential care wherever possible, so they can live in their own homes and communities.

Just let your doctor know that Nurse Maude is your preferred provider for all nursing and homecare services. These are free to eligible New Zealand residents and prearranged support is available for those who don't meet residency requirements.

DistrictNursing Compressed


Paediatric Palliative Care

Paediatric Palliative Care is the coordination of care for children with chronic or serious life threatening illness and is specifically designed to ensure the best quality of life and care for your child and family. This care includes…

  • Providing relief for pain and other symptoms so your child is comfortable
  • Communication between your different doctors and other health professionals
  • Providing care where you want it whenever possible so you can choose whether that be in your home, hospice or hospital
  • Supporting you through telephone and video conferencing if you live in a remote community
  • Providing you with the information that can help you, your child and your child’s care team to make treatment decisions
  • Identifying other professionals who can help
  • Making home visits and listening to your concerns and fears

How to Contact us

Your child’s doctor can make a referral to the Nurse Maude Specialist Palliative Care team to discuss your needs.  Care is always provided in collaboration with your child’s primary paediatrician.

Stomal Service

People who have, or are expecting to require a stoma, (a surgically created opening in the abdomen for evacuation of body waste) can get information, advice and support before and after surgery. (Stomas include colostomy, ileostomy, urostomy and ACE).

The aim of Stomal Therapy is to gives clients, their families/whanau and carers, the resources they need to live with a stoma independently, comfortably, and with dignity.

The service includes visits in hospital, and at home after discharge, arranging for ostomy equipment, appliances and stomal supplies, clinics for regular checks and assessments, and referral to other health professionals and agencies including a dietitan.

Clients, or their families/whanau, doctors, surgeons or hospitals, can all access this service which follows standard funding criteria unless receiving private hospital care where charges will apply. Supplies are free, but delivery charges maybe incurred.

Clinic Hours

By appointment 8am - 5pm, Monday to Friday, at 35 Mansfield Avenue, Christchurch. Outside clinic hours a district nurse is available for advice. Home visits by arrangement.

Complex Wound Services

 Nurse Maude's Wound Management Service is for people who need specialist assessment of their wounds and those who have, or are at risk of developing, leg ulcers.

The service provides specialist wound care clinics where nurses can assess, manage and advise on chronic or complex wounds, or leg ulcers. They also provide care plans and follow-up programmes aimed at preventing wounds, including compression hosiery for leg ulcers. There is also access to a dietitan if required.

Clients are referred by their GP, Practice Nurse, District Nurse, hospital or specialist.

The service also provides consultation and advice on wound management to GP's, community and practice nurses, rest homes and private hospitals.


Clinic Hours

8.00am - 5:00pm, Monday to Friday, 35 Mansfield Avenue, Christchurch.



Continence Service

 Nurse Maude's Continence Advisory Service provides confidential support, assessment, treatment and education for anyone over four years of age with a continence issue. We can help if you: have difficulty getting to the toilet on time, make frequent visits to the toilet, have bladder leakage when coughing, sneezing or exercising, or if you have bowel leakage.

Consultations are with a continence advisor, who is a registered nurse or physiotherapist with further training in the specialist area of continence management. The service is accessed by referral from a doctor, surgeon or hospital.

If a client is unable to achieve continence following assessment and a programme they may qualify for subsidised product provision.

Clinic Hours

By appointment 8am - 5pm Monday to Friday at 35 Mansfield Avenue, Christchurch.

Acute Demand Nursing

The high level of specialist nursing care that enables you to stay in your own home rather than be admitted to, or remain in, hospital is provided by the Acute Community Nursing Team.

You will be referred to this service by your doctor or hospital specialist and assessed and cared for by the Acute Community Team over a period of one to five days.  After that your care will be referred back to your doctor for follow-up.

Infusion Services


Nurse Maude’s Infusion Service is accessed through your doctor or medical specialist and is usually provided at the Nurse Maude Infusion Centre in Merivale.  If the Infusion Centre is not the best place for you to receive your treatment this will be discussed with you and an alternative arrangement will be made.

For treatments not covered under the community services contract a service charge may apply.


Home Dialysis Service

For patients assessed as being able to receive dialysis at home the Nurse Maude Home Dialysis Coordinator meets with the patient at the hospital to discuss the plan of care. In providing this service Nurse Maude works closely with the Dialysis Department at the Hospital.

This personalised care plan is developed by a Registered Nurse who formally admits the patient to the Nurse Maude Home Dialysis Service and ensures that the patient and their family/carer understand how the care is provided, by whom and when.

A Registered or Enrolled Nurse will visit the patient at home three times a week to deliver the Community Dialysis Programme which includes assessment, cannulation, equipment set-up, monitoring during dialysis treatment and the takedown and cleaning of equipment.

Nurse Maude’s Home Dialysis Service will usually be available from 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday with extended hours if required.

Diabetes Service


The Community Diabetes Service provides support and information to General Practice to manage people with type 2 diabetes in the community, including assistance with the start of insulin or changes in medication. The service provides access to specialist nurses and a dietitian.

Appointments are by arrangement at the GP rooms.


Dietitian Service

Nurse Maude's Dietitian Service is primarily for wound and palliative care patients and is free of charge for those receiving these, and other, services from Nurse Maude. The service is provided by a New Zealand-registered dietitian.

The Dietitian Service provides an assessment of dietary needs for a wide range of medical conditions and support to caregivers.

Dietary information to promote wellbeing, and monitoring and adjustment of nutritional programmes for people with life-limiting illnesses, is also available either in our clients' homes, (if they are unable to travel), or at the dietitians clinic at Nurse Maude.

Clients can be referred by other health care professionals within Nurse Maude such as Community Nursing, Specialist Nursing Services, Home Care, Hospice and Palliative Care or the Nurse Maude Hospital.

Clinic Hours

8.30am - 2pm, Monday to Friday with clinics held on Wednesdays at 35 Mansfield Avenue, Christchurch.

School Based Nursing Service


The School Based Nursing Service provides access to youth focused health services in decile 1, 2 and 3 secondary schools, alternative education facilities and teen parent units in Christchurch. The team of Registered Nurses are skilled in youth health and development. The service is provided in conjunction with other primary and secondary services.

The nurses provide universal health, disability and youth development checks which includes the HEADSSS assessment as well as proactive services such as promotional health campaigns and individual health services within the schools.


Paediatric Services

 Paediatric services include a Paediatric Clinical Nurse Specialist, Paediatric Dietitian and Complex Childrens Respite Care Coordinator. Access to these services is by referral from a health professional with appointments made by arrangement.