Nurse Maude

Nurse Maude provides nursing, homecare, and support so people can stay in their own homes and communities and inpatient care in its hospital and hospice. By working in partnership with other health providers and through significant investment in our people, technology, research and development, Nurse Maude continues to care for the people of Canterbury, as we have done since 1896.

District Nursing

Nursing is provided by Nurse Maude in the client's home across the greater Canterbury area from Rakaia to Kaikoura and across the West Coast.

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The Nurse Maude Hospice Palliative Care team crosses the greater Canterbury region to provide more than 100,000 hours of care 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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For most of our clients, being able to retain as much independence as possible is key to their quality of life.

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