Innovation & Research

We are committed to working smarter and getting things right for everyone, our researchers from our New Zealand Institute of Community Health Care continue to contribute to some impressive work across the Health and Disability sector.

We work on a variety of projects ranging from clinical research to health service evaluation and planning.  Since 2009 we have worked on projects with more than 20 organisations including the Ministry of Health, District Health Boards, NGOs and a variety of community based health service providers.  We are currently primarily working on Nurse Maude projects to inform best practice, quality improvement and evaluate innovation and development.

  • Leadership in the health sector
  • Clinical practise research
  • Health service development and planning
  • Reviews and evaluations
  • Information technology
  • Medication solutions – carousels and eBlister packs
  • VR Technologies

VR Technologies

Shaping experiences that increase wellbeing and mental health

VR allows sedentary residents to engage in experiences like re-visiting the Eiffel tower or strolling through the neighbourhood of the childhood family home that they haven’t seen for decades.

VR has the ability to create new mental, emotional connections. To spark intrigue a sense of wonder and provide experiences that help people connect with their emotions in a life-affirming way.

Nurse Maude has been researching this technology and has introduced it into our Hospice, with great results.

Medication solutions

Carousels and eBlister packs

Our research has allowed us to find problem areas around medication delivery and meet these challenges with game-changing solutions.