Nurse Maude Care Home

A world-class care home. A home where you can receive full nursing care with respect and compassion. For when you need more than just a helping hand.

For more information:
Telephone: 03 375 4145

A home with world-class care

“Nurse Maude have been with us since the beginning and we have had amazing care over that time.

For the people who live in the Nurse Maude Care Home, it’s a place where they can have a sense of purpose and receive quality nursing care provided in a safe and compassionate environment.

Long term care is funded by the Ministry of Health.  Talk to your doctor, public hospital, or other health professional about being referred to our care.

Short-term care can also be provided for up to 28 days under the Respite Care Scheme and is also available for those who wish to pay privately.


We welcome visits from those who are considering full supportive care. Please phone our Care Home Manager or email us to arrange a visit.

(03) 375 4145


We believe

• Everyone has unique physical, spiritual, emotional, social and psychological needs.
• Everyone is part of a family unit.
• Our Care Home is more than just a place to live.
• Everyone has the right to quality health care provided with compassion.
• Elderly residents and those needing residential palliative care have special holistic needs.
• A variety of levels of care provided in a residential environment requires special personal qualities, skills and knowledge.
• The resident and their family / whãnau / caregiver are integral to planning the care provided and should be regularly consulted about that care.

Our care home

For those we care for, the Nurse Maude Care Home is their home. A place where they can enjoy a sense of purpose, joy, meaning, control and dignity. Our purpose is making the Nurse Maude Care Home a centre of excellence in clinical care and a vibrant residential community of individuals. This is their home, and they deserve no less. Our nursing and medical team and volunteers work alongside our residents and their families to provide the very best individual clinical care. Nurse Maude has a stable care-team for each small household group of residents to ensure the most personal and friendly experience for residents and family. 

“Our care home is founded on the principles of partnership, respect and compassion. We look forward to meeting you and your family to answer any questions you may have about the care and support we can offer.” – Natalie Seymour, Care Home Manager.

When your health needs are high, the quality of care really matters

Nurse Maude has cared for the people of Canterbury since 1896. While much of our nursing and care is in the community, complex health needs demand excellent care. The Nurse Maude Care Home is founded on the partnership, respect, compassion and nursing excellence. Our job is to make a real home for our residents … a place where they can enjoy the same sense of purpose, fun, meaning, control and dignity as they would in their own homes. We also offer respite care with a seamless transition to long-term care if needed.

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