District Nursing

Our district nursing is a continuation of the work of Sibylla Maude’s established in the early 1900s in Christchurch. Nurse Maude is continuing the history of bringing healthcare into the homes of Canterbury.

District nursing is where you are

We’re so grateful…

‘All your hard work does not go unnoticed . . . mum was close to tears when she was speaking of you and your care and support you provide to her, she was just so grateful”.

While our principles and values are the same, nursing has been transformed by continual advances in training, research, and technology.

Nurse Maude provides a diverse and specialised range of nursing services backed by a significant investment in training, technology and support services to meet the needs of its patients and clients.

Just let your doctor know that Nurse Maude is your preferred provider for all nursing and homecare services.  These are free to eligible New Zealand residents and prearranged support is available for those who don’t meet residency requirements.

District Nursing Services

  • Patient-centred specialist nursing care in the community.
  • This care may be delivered in your home, school, workplace or at our specialist district nursing clinic
  • This service provides episodic, intensive and short term care working in partnership with patients, their families/whanau and other health care providers. It is for patients whose health care needs cannot be met by a general medical or nursing service alone

Purpose of the district nursing service

  • Prevent avoidable admission to, or enable early discharge from, hospital
  • Minimise the impact of a personal health problem
  • Provide support to people with long term or chronic personal health problems
  • Promote self-care and independence
  • Provide palliative care in the community

ACC Home Nursing

  • If you have had an injury related to an accident you may require ACC home nursing or receive care in our Specialty Clinics.
  • We can provide all nursing, continence, stomal and allied health ACC related care.
  • Referrals can be made directly to us either by your GP or hospital. Alternatively, ACC can refer straight to us with a claim number to referrals@nursemaude.org.nz
  • All ACC care is delivered at no cost to the client.

Nurse Maude Services

Nurse Maude provides a wide scope of services for the community