Caring for the community for more than 125 years

Since the turn of the century, Sibylla Emily Maude and her team of Nurses jumped on bicycles and peddled between Madras Street and the outer Christchurch suburbs to deliver life changing care – we’ve gone out of our way to help people.

Serving Canterbury & beyond

We provide approximately 1.3 million visits and 800,000 hours of care (excluding care home and hospice) per annum.

Complementary to these, are the Health and Mobility shop and linen service.

We provide nursing and home care to some of the most vulnerable in our community. Every dollar goes into providing care for those who need us most… in our care home, our hospice, clinics, schools, and in your community.

Providing Healthcare for those that need it most

Our mission hasn’t changed much over the years and we like to keep it simple: to provide competent and compassionate healthcare for anyone in our community that needs it.
While the people skills of Nursing can never be replaced – technology has driven constant change and innovation in healthcare allowing us to do more with less and better outcomes.

Sibylla Maude & her fight to take healthcare to the streets

Sibylla fought to take nursing into people’s homes, starting what was to become New Zealand’s first district nursing service.

She also determined to improve and standardise training for nurses that was the driving force behind the establishment of the Nurses Registration Act of 1901.

Sibyalla Maude reluctantly accepted appointment as an OBE in 1934 on the condition that the ceremony be held in private. The story of how she got to this place of recognition is even more interesting.

Our Services & facilities

District Nursing

Nursing is at the heart of what we do. We have well trained, resourced and caring nurses that deliver a wide range of care across our whenua.

Hospice & Community Palliative Care

Nurse Maude has a long standing reputation for providing comfort, compassion and specialist medical care to assist with a life limiting illness or situations requiring individual care.

Homecare Services

There’s no place like home. Home based care offers the warmth and connection of friends, family and community within familiar surroundings. When possible a home environment is the ideal place to receive care and treatment to get the most out of life.

Care Home

When extra support is required, our Care Home is the best place to be, with access to the latest equipment and procedures, our Care Home offers a monitored, supportive environment that’s capable of providing support for most people.

Nurse Maude provides a wide scope of services for the community

The Nurse Maude

Making healthcare available

The Nurse Maude Foundation provides funding for projects and concerns within Nurse Maude that fall outside of established services